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The Blind Side

January 11, 2010
By Connor Wilcox GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Connor Wilcox GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The Blind Side is a heartwarming story about a poor, uneducated, teenager (Michael Oher) that grew up in a violent, impoverished, neighbor that was filled with gang members and drug dealers. Homeless and struggling to enter a rich, predominantly white school Michael is finally admitted only because of his athletic ability. He later is introduced to Tuohy family as they offer for him to stay at their house. The relationship between the family and Michael strengthens throughout the story and Michael in time lives with the family and becomes a member of the Tuohys. This true story is an accurate depiction of the story of Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher. The Blind Side is a great sports movie, but it is little about football and more about the emotional story behind the football. Sandra Bullock the actress playing Lee Anne Tuhoy was great in playing a main character as a southern, conservative mother. Tim Mcgraw acted adequately as Sean Tuhoy the father of the family. The young kid Jae Head played the son of the family S.J. perfectly and was comical release throughout the movie. Though this movie is accurately told there were a few miniscule that were incorrect. One inaccuracy was when the Tuhoys see Michael walking on the side of the street at night they immediately ask if he needs a place to stay, but in the actual events they don’t offer him a room untilthe next day when the mother asks Michael to go shopping.

The author's comments:
This movie inspired me to write an artcile on it.

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