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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have a craving for laughter? If so then satisfy this urge with Friends. Friends, is definitely worth the 30 minute long episodes. Friends, is one of the best sitcoms ever made because of its original humor awkward moments, and the characters.

Original humor is one of the key parts to Friends because it sets the show’s mood and if the mood is dreary and very heavy then chances are nobody is going to want to watch it, because it would get very boring and lose the interest of the viewer really fast. This show gives plenty of opportunities to laugh, it gives the viewer the whole show to laugh and have a good time. (Not just in one scene that only lasts 30 seconds long.) Type of humor is also very important to the success of the always very funny Friends. The creators of this sitcom had mixed things up and wanted to put all kinds of humor in. With Phoebe they were going for the spontaneous, dumb blonde look and they definitely chose the right person for the job. The writers did a good job in choosing her because they got exactly what they wanted and even more from her. In this specific episode of Friends, Monica and Chandler want to adopt a kid from this agency. Joey tells them that he wants to help them out and write a letter of recommendation for them. When Joey first writes it he types it up and uses the thesaurus tool on every word because he wants it to sound smart and make him sound intelligent. When he shows Monica and Chandler the letter they couldn’t understand half of it, so they told him just to write it from his heart and not use the thesaurus because it wouldn’t sound like it was Joey writing it. Joey tells the two of them that he hand wrote it and gave it to the agency himself. They call the agency and they tell Monica and Chandler that they thought it was cute to have a child write the recommendation for them. This is an example of the style/ type of humor featured in this sitcom.

The awkward moments featured in friends set it apart from all other sitcoms out there because in each of the episodes there are always times where it gets tense and two people just happen to have said something that sets the tone for that scene to very awkward. This can make the difference between a very funny episode and a good episode. In the same episode as was mentioned above Phoebe goes to a basketball game with her boyfriend and while there this one guy proposes to his girlfriend on the big screen, and when this happens Phoebe tells her boyfriend that, that is so cheesy. Right after that he excuses himself from the scene letting her know that he had been planning on doing the same for her. These moments make this episode so funny because it continues all throughout the rest of the episode where he is going to propose a certain way like in the movies, but she says exactly what he was going to do and says something like that is so predictable or something else that shoots that idea down. These random moments in the show are what make these awkward moments so funny because they do what is expected and then go into an eerie silence where it is almost possible to feel the tension in the air. Viewers can very easily relate to the hilarious awkward moments because they are all things that are common amongst groups of friends and other individuals. Being able to find a connection with the show makes it easier to watch and get hooked onto because they know how the characters feel when it is happening on the show because it has happened to them. The writers made this a key part to the show because they knew that many people would be able to connect to what is going on so it would be an instant hit.
The characters from Friends are very good and were a very good choice for the cast of this instant hit sitcom. If the cast of friends were a taco it would be very different. Rachael would be the spicy taco meat because that is her personality; she is very outgoing and knows how to spice things up. Then there is Ross, he would be the tortilla shell because he is the base of their friendship he is also the most sensitive of them all, and he tones down the action and holds it all together like a tortilla shell. Then there is Monica she is the sour cream because she really isn’t at all like Rachael or Phoebe because she is the quietest of them all but she is still there and adds to the action of the show, so she would be like the topping for the taco or what makes it really good. Phoebe would have to represent the hot sauce put on top of the taco because she spices everything up in the show and makes it really unpredictable. Joey is also very unpredictable and is the one who thinks he is all that just because he is in a soap opera. Joey would have to be the taco seasoning which makes the meat taste really good. Then there is Chandler the unsecure one of the group he would have to be the lettuce because he really doesn’t do anything to spice up the show or make it anymore interesting. He is really mild and has a very strange personality that is really hard to identify if it’s the first time watching it.

Friends is definitely one of the best sitcoms/shows ever made thanks to its intriguingly original humor, its awkward moments, and its characters. If this sounds intriguing actually watch it and see if it satisfies that need for laughter. Can Friends keep people wanting more?

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