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Designing Women: Laughs and Lessons

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Laughs and Lessons

Sometimes women believe they found the perfect guy, and then they realize they aren’t so perfect after all. Mary Jo, from ‘Designing Women’ said this to her friends when she thought she found the right guy. Later on, she realized that he didn’t fit the part after all. Designing Women airs on Ion Television from 7:00 to 7:30pm. It’s a show where four southern women in the early 90’s try to live life to the fullest. Designing Women is a show worth watching because it’s funny, dramatic and a great opportunity to collect advice for everyday problems.

In this show, the writers did a great job of including plenty of funny scenes. One scene included actor Meschach Taylor who played Anthony Bourvier, carrying mail with salad tongs. There were chain letters going around and giving his friends bad luck. The writers included a part where Mary Jo’s friends were teasing her about her boyfriend. She had gone out with him because of his looks. When they met him, they noticed right away he wasn’t at all someone she should be dating. They used an example by calling him a poptart. These are some of the many funny scenes in Designing Women.

Designing Women is also a very dramatic show. Mary Jo plans to break up with her “poptart boyfriend” but ends up being dumped by him. Then Sharlene Sugarbaker (Mary Jo’s friend) is completely convinced she’s psychic. When she mentions Mary Jo, Mary Jo comes walking in the door. When she predicts that Julia’s car will crash, it does. To top it all off, they all believe all this drama is caused by a chain letter they decided not to pass along.
Even though this show is very dramatic and very funny, it’s also a great way to collect advice for everyday problems. One, don’t accept or even open chain letters. Two, don’t go out with a guy for just his looks. Focus more on their personality. Mary Jo made that mistake. She went out with a guy whose job was to learn how to sit with out wrinkling his pants, he was a model. You can learn many things from this show.

This funny and dramatic show, Designing Women, is a great way to gather advice for everyday problems. Next time you go out on a date focus more on their personality. Don’t judge them by their looks.

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