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An Inconvenient Truth

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

I enjoyed watching the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore is very correct in his conviction that we as a species are polluting our environment and causing drastic climate changes. I especially appreciated that although he stated a need for change, he did it in a way that didn't feel gloomy or despairing. A scene that really shook me was when he showed before and after photos of glaciers and mountains that have experienced a drastic change in the amount of snow cover that they have. It is important that we listen to the message of this film so that hopefully we can find a solution to the problem of global warming.
The main character, Al Gore, has used some of the publicity he has gained as a politician to bring attention to global warming. He titled his film �An Inconvenient Truth because that is what global warming is: an inconvenient but true fact of life that we need to learn how to deal with. Many politicians ignore global warming and its causes because it is a rather touchy subject, but Gore takes only 96 minutes to explain why we need to publicly address the problem and work toward a solution. He has a down-to-earth way of demonstrating the seriousness of the issue of global warming.
The movie begins with Al Gore narrating as viewers see a serene river. Following it are clips from a public demonstration where Gore presented, which is most of the movie. In between them, Al Gore speaks about global warming and how he first learned about it as a student, and how it affected his career as a politician, and events from his life that helped him see the need for a change. Returning back to his demonstration, Gore uses facts and figures, as well as the occasional humorous cartoon, to show how global temperature and carbon dioxide levels have been related throughout earth�s history.
I find the main character to be a very likeable person, especially how he finds a funny way to say pretty scary things. Al Gore has a good message, and I think it is important that many people hear it. Even though he is a famous politician, he doesn't act like it, and uses language that everyone can understand. He uses jokes and stories to keep the audience interested (I have to admit, 96 minutes of just lecturing is a little boring). Since I am a visual learner, it helped that he used graphs to demonstrate his meaning as well. Al Gore was very successful in convincing me that this problem is cause for concern, although I already felt that way.
In conclusion, I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is easy to understand and Gore does a good job of persuading the viewer that global warming is a problem that can be solved. Hopefully everyone who watches this film is moved to demand a change. An Inconvenient Truth is an excellent way for us to learn about global warming in the past, present, and future.

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