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The Office: Cubicle Heaven

November 25, 2007
By Anonymous

Cubicle Heaven

Drama, clients, friendships, and lawsuits, the Office has got it all. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, in a small, little-known paper company call Dunder Mifflin, the characters of the famous show, The Office, come to life in a brilliant spectacle of cubicle romance, and vending machine gossip. Every Thursday at 9, on NBC, these colorful characters interact in a normal, but hilarious way that leaves audiences cracking and cackling. This show follows the twists and turns of office life, through the eyes of a documentary camera. The characters are interviewed as the shows goes along, expressing how they feel, what they are thinking, and what is actually going on. The Office is, by far, the best sitcom aired because of the wonderful characters, their talented actors, and the brilliant and always original writing.

Michael, the boss, is an obnoxious man with little sense of the word ‘polite’. He runs the office with a party startin’, wise crackin’, almost racist manner (though he denies it), that ends him in more trouble than he needs. His sidekick, the ever dorky Dwight, worships his every move, and only dream is to be exactly like Michael, oh, and fight against the Dark Lord to save the galaxy. The archenemy of Dwight, is the comical, and cute, Jim Halpert. Jim is the salesman who could, and the best mannered man in the room. Then there are the girls, Pam, Jim’s four year crush, who is engaged to Roy, a warehouse worker for Seasons 1 and 2; Angela, the strict, Christian, stick in the mud; and Jan, the boss of them all, and the secret (or not) girlfriend of Michael. Each character has an interesting roll that matches everyone’s type.

The actors, who bring the characters to life, also help in creating an amazing show. From John Krasinki (Jim), and Steve Carell (as Michael) to Jenna Fischer (as the lovable Pam), each actors/actress shows a great amount of talent. Helping them in their search for realism is their own features, Dwight’s large glasses, Jim’s outward haircut, and Kevin (the slow moving accountant) large manner. The actor’s talent has improved in leaps and bounds from Season 1, and they seem almost completely real as they enter Season 4. Some might skip right over the creators of their very words.

The writer’s of the Office have truly shown genius, with snappy lines, and sharp comebacks, each show offers new lines and original jokes (save Michael’s intrusion of “That’s what she said”, every other scene). And squeezed between the cracks and comics is the ever so small profound piece of wisdom that truly inspires the entire cast. Each character has a speech of their own, and every show has its twists and turns, leaving the audience unsuspecting, but dangling enough line to let you reel yourself back in.

Every side of the Office is fun, with the interesting characters, the talented actors, and the great writers. So this Thursday, sit down with some friends or family, and turn to NBC at 9. Prepare yourself for thirty minutes of laughs and cracks that will leave you wanting more!

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