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December 7, 2007
By Anonymous


Imagine lying on an operation table, prepped for surgery by a doctor you know and trust. They put you under anaesthesia. But they didn’t give you enough. Now, all of your senses are working but you cannot open your eyes or move at all. This true hair-raising medical mishap is the central idea to director-writer Joby Harold’s film “Awake.”

Clayton (Hayden Christensen) is a young man who seems to have everything – a wealthy business, his sweetheart Sam (Jessica Alba), everything except a strong heart. Because of his blood type being O, he’s been on a donor list. Then one arrives.

Christensen, who is either liked or loathed for his previous work, plays his part well. Especially in the surgical scene where as Clayton’s body lies still, the pain in his voice is heard over the bone saw and concentrated work of the doctors. He is so convincing, it will have you cringe and squirming in your own skin.

However, Alba’s portrayal could have been better. Not only does she fail to create chemistry between her and Christensen, when Christensen was clearly trying, but also plays too much to the ending that it in effect dulls the entire film. While Lena Olin, who plays Clayton’s mother, has perfect chemistry with Christensen. It’s convincing enough to convey the love and dedication between a caring mother and a son.

While some plot twists are a little questionable, it is a relief to watch a story play out without being over-packed by gross humor and CGI effects in order to distract the viewer.

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