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9: movie review

January 4, 2011
By StarlingChild PLATINUM, El Cajon, California
StarlingChild PLATINUM, El Cajon, California
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Nine are all that’s left after our world ended. They are the ones who must complete a dangerous mission in order to make certain that life will still go on. They are the heros of the visually spectacular movie 9.
From the producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker comes the story of nine figures of life, created by an aging scientist, who are then forced to survive in a world infested with monstrous machines. The first eight have learned that hiding is the best way to survive; then number 9 comes along and dishevels their sheltered lives as he tries to solve the mystery of the Machine’s bloodthirsty desire to exterminate the nine creations. At first, there are some who remained reluctant to join the fight, while others can hardly wait. But as the Machine creates more havoc, these nine beings join together to bring an end to the cause of mankind devastation.
Based on Acker’s Academy-Award nominated short film, the full-length version made a quite a collection at the box office, producing a total of $15,160,926 according to Yahoo.com. Ironically, it is currently number nine among the top ten box office hits. And a well deserved place, too.
The entirety of the film is embellished in perilous adventure and magnificent flights, all that capture the audience’s undivided attention. As the plot thickens, the action – already heart-stopping and thrilling as it is – intensifies over and over until the audience finds themselves trying to soothe their thundering hearts. The animation is awe-inspiring, from the sweeping camera moves as the courageous nine pull off remarkable escapades to the intricate details of ruined cathedrals, jutted roads, and leftover debris. The nine creations especially have unique appearances: all appear to be made like rag dolls, with metallic hands and feet and slightly baggy limbs, but still share the same basic anatomy as humans. Their eyes are particularly bizarre: perfectly round, and despite their resemblance to telescope glasses, they seem to be as expressive as human eyes.
Another remarkable trait of the nine characters is their seemingly human methods of discovery, invention, and creation which would normally appear outlandish that living rag dolls have the knack of human intelligence. But the audience soon learns that each character has their own faults, strengths, and personalities as people do.
1 – voiced by the elderly Christopher Plummer – is the first of the nine, therefore the eldest and – in his opinion – the wisest. But like all leaders, he has his insecurities which he bitterly conceals with his pride and authority and often refused to see what needs to be done compared to what he wants to be done. Though, eventually he resists his blind ways and accepts the dangerous path before him.
Kindly 2, whose voice is provided by Martin Landau, has an almost grand-fatherly air about him, with his tender words of encouragement and eccentric obsession of finding “the source” to destroy the Machine. Despite the fact that he is nearly as old as 1, 2 is as optimistic and excitable as a schoolboy when crossing paths with a discovery.
3 and 4 are timid, silent twins who communicate with their eyes and are quite handy for the other characters when needed for information of the past.
John C. Reilly voices the one-eyed, likeable 5. He is somewhat of a coward, but has the heart of lion when his friends are endangered. He and 2 are partners in inventing, but he also befriends 9 much quicker than the others. All in all, he’s a very friendly person and wins the audience’s heart almost instantly.
Eccentric artist 6, performed by Crispin Glover, has the capacity of a child genius, with his innocently vague chatter of symbols and “the source.” Yet his indistinct talk soon becomes the core of the plot as the story moves along.
Fearless warrior 7 – with her totally awesome skull helmet – voiced by Jennifer Connelly, is the sole female and the one with most guts in the scene of action. Her rebellious nature and incredible survival skills provided an abundance of narrow escapes just when things begin to look hopeless.
8 is nothing more than a hulking, generally mute, bodyguard of 1, whose delight in sharpening large knives (as well as addictive magnets) could lead him to trouble.
The hero, 9, played by Elijah Wood, reveals much more potential as a reasonable and dauntless leader than any of the other characters. He overcomes the shortcomings of his companions and brings them together.
Every one of the nine last living things on earth overcome obstacles, discover new truths, and finally achieve the impossible task of recreating life. The movie was unbelievably fast-paced; not a single moment passed that was not of any importance, and almost every other minute had a suspense-filled scene to keep the audience on the edges of their seats. It is an entertaining, powerful film for all the family and friends, and is certain to be an astonishing experience for any of its viewers.

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