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Stand By Me

February 24, 2011
By classngrl BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
classngrl BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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the sun also shines on the wicked.

-lucius Seneca

In the movie "Stand By Me", based on Stephen King's novella, The Body, four boys go on an adventure of a lifetime to find the body of Ray Brower. The four best friends: Gordie, the smart one who's brother has just died in a car accident; Chris, the bad boy who would do anything to show everyone he was more than just a delinquent; Teddy, the crazy one who's father went crazy and almost killed him;and Vern, the fat one everyone makes fun of. The gang that wants the body: Ace, the one willing to kill anyone; Eyeball, Chris Chamber's older brother;Billy and Charlie,the finders and Ace's minions who do whatever Ace says. As Chris, Gordie, Vern, and Teddy travel along the train tracks to Back Harlow road, they have an adventure of a lifetime. The boys know they won't be friends forever. especially with junior high starting at the the end of summer. this movie is exceptional! you will feel very connected to the characters. the movie is filled with funny lines you'll remember forever, tears of joy and saddness, and happiness and heartbreak! you will love this movie because younger people can connect with the kids, while the older always feel a strong connection to the older Gordie, remembering his childhood summer. this is my favorite movie and when my friends and i watch it we are able to laugh and cry with the characters and cheer on the boys ontheir way to find a dead body. On their way to have one last adventure together. On their way to being kids one last time.

The author's comments:
when i wrote this review me and my best friend had just watched this for the billionth time!!! i remembered how it felt to watch this for the first time and i wanted everyone to be able to enjoy this movie!!!! i <3 chris!!!

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