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February 14, 2008
By Anonymous


“StarDust” is a film packed with fantasy with a twist of humor and a hint of romance. My first thoughts of this movie was an “Oh gee another kissy kissy movie” but when I saw it, I just marinated myself into the storyline. They used a setting from the olden times, when witches and magic was thought to be real. This movie fuses together a world of magic and a world of humans and I find that unique in a movie.
“StarDust” grabbed my attention from the very beginning when a young man named Tristan (played by Charlie Cox) is asked by his love Victoria (played by Sienna Miller) to retrieve a fallen star that has landed in the realm of fairies. However, an old man sits at the wall which borders the human realm and the fairy realm. He would not let anyone through and you’d be surprise at what he’d do if you tried to challenge him. Tristan for sure did when he got his butt kicked by an 80 year old man who knows kung fu. Tristan thought there could be no possible way to cross that wall until one day; his father had given him a box that his mother had passed to him when Tristan was a little boy. His mother had been kidnapped by a witch and is now serving as her slave. In the box was a few letters from his mom, a flower, and a black candle. Tristan lit the candle and this changed the whole setting as he was teleported into an unknown land and had supposedly crashed into something, or someone.
Later, that someone turned out to be the star. Her name was Yvaine (played by Claire Danes) and she was taken prisoner by Tristan to return to the realm of humans. On their journey, they come across new dangers and people they had never met before. This in turn, brings them even closer to each other and later, Tristan must decide whether he loves Yvaine or Victoria. While this is happening, there are two other people after her. A witch who sought for her heart that would bring her eternal youth and a prince who wanted the star to be crowned the king of a place called Storm Hold. Tristan must save the star and decide whether he wants to love her or buy his love from Victoria using her. And so, the chase begins.
It’s a great movie if you love fantasy with a little humor and romance in it. It’s not too much of anything so it’s well balanced if you like that. I was really surprised with myself, how I could ever like these kinds of movies but I really did. I’d rate this 10/10 for its unique plot. “StarDust”, a must see for fantasy lovers.

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