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Beauty and the Beast

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

This movie was exceptional! Beauty and the Beast is a love story with a good lesson behind it about being kind to others. This movie transports viewers to a world where nothing is what it looks like. The narrator of Beauty and the Beast is Cogsworth, a clock. Cogsworth tells the story in an amazing way.
The Beast in this movie used to be a handsome prince. A witch disguised as a horrifically ugly person came up to the prince’s castle one day and knocked on the door. All she wanted was a place to stay, but the prince turned her down because of her looks. This made her extremely angry and so she made the transformation back into the beautiful witch that she was. The prince tried to apologize and get the witch to understand that he now wanted her to stay. However, the witch would have nothing of it and she cursed the prince. The curse stated that the prince would become an ugly Beast and everyone that lived with the prince would be transformed into inanimate objects. This curse would be permanent unless the Beast found true love by the time the last petal fell off of the rose that the witch gave the now Beast. The Beast become very insecure, which is why when a crazy inventor came to his house the Beast throw him in the dungeon of the castle. Belle, the crazy inventor’s daughter goes out to get her father but ends up in jail herself in exchange for her father’s freedom. What will happen to Belle during her life long stay at the Beast’s castle?
The directors of Beauty and the Beast, Brian McEntee and John Carnochan, made viewers believe that they were actually in the time frame of the movie. The characters in the movie dress their parts very well. Shopkeepers and townspeople are dressed in light cotton and thin shoes. The colors of the clothes were usually brown, tan, or white. In contrast, the used to be prince and his helpers dress in stunning clothes made from heavy silk. Woman wore floor length gowns and men wore dress pants and dress shirts. The characters clothing helped the viewers to understand the background of each character.
The lighting in this movie was pivotal and it helped to contribute characteristics to each characters background. When we first meet Belle we see that she is a sweet, intelligent girl and she is bathed in light. However, when we meet the Beast after the curse is cast upon him, we see that he and his entire castle are always in dark spooky shadows. This outlook foreshadows how the characters react to each other.
The music in Beauty and the Beast was extraordinary. This movie was a light-hearted love story and the music throughout the movie proves this.
The purpose of Beauty and the Beast was to let its audience get in tune with their emotions. Each and every one of Beauty and the Beast’s special effects brought it to life and let the audience experience the movie with a wide range of emotions. Beauty and the Beast is definitely a “must see” movie!

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