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Step Up

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Step up to is a movie about girl that wants to be a street dancer that battles other people that dances. This movie is kind of sad because she gets kicked out of her house because she was miss g school to dance so she was getting kick

Step up 2 is funny because they put pranks on the and the make video and send it to the and this movie is sad because they go to out of her mom’s friend’s house. She was living n with her mom’s friend because her mom died and she promised her mom she was going to take care of the girl. This movie is sad because she additions for dancing so she could get in that school her she could do dancing at school but they told her what kind of dance is this and this guy believed she could dance and let her be in the school.

This movie is funny because the class in the school was for valerian dance and she was cromping it and clowning this kind of dance in the street its funny because she street dancing to romantic music and they laugh at her. And she meets new friends and they now how to dance and it’s funny because this girl don’t now how to speak English and its funny how she talks. This movie is funny because they had resaved a message and left to the the girls house and from their they went to the club to battle. It’s cool because they were dancing cool and they went out side to dance in the rain and they were better than her old dancing team. Her school and trashed it. And they jump her new friend but the principle new they were going to battle and he followed them and he saw them dance and they won the battle and the principle saw the other kid in his school and told the why didn’t u guys tell me u could dance and their in the class of dancing. This movie is cool but should not be shown to little kids because theirs to much violence and bad word and things kid can’t see like people drinking.

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