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Gone With the Wind

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

“Gone With the Wind”

“Gone With the Wind” is a wonderful movie about love and war. Scarlet is the main character in the movie. In the beginning of the movie it shows Scarlets family mansion which is called Tara. Scarlet is in love with a man named Ashley. Her and her family go to a party at Ashley's house to celebrate the coming war because everyone is so exited. The first 15-20 minutes of this movie are the best, and the rest is really sad. Scarlet is so madly in love with Ashley that she hates the lady that he is married to, his cousin Melony. Ashley leaves to war and tells Scarlet to watch over Melony while she is having his and Melony's baby. Most of Scarlets family dies and she is left with her dad, sisters, Melony and Ret. Ret is a man who is madly in love with scarlet. Scarlet is spoiled but fights for what she believes in. Melony has her baby and Scarlet wants to go home to Tara after she has helped with the war for so long. They head home while the war is still going on. With little money and food Scarlet, Melony and Ret travel there way back. Ret leaves and heads for war and tells Scarlet that she has to lead the rest of the way home. She does just that successfully. When they get home Scarlet finds Ret and later in the movie gets married. In the past Scarlet had married two men for there money and for jealousy to Ashley. Both of the men died and left Scarlet with little. The only reason she married Ret was for his money and for her family to have food and a new house. Scarlet and Ret have two children during the time of their marriage. Sadly both of the children die. Towards the end of the movie Melony dies and Ret leaves Scarlet because he realizes that he has waisted his time with her, and has no reason to stay with her. Scarlet realizes that she has loved him after all of the years they had been married. She confesses to Ret, but he is so fed up with her and doesn't care. Scarlets marriage and family were gone forever.

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