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The Final Disappointment

January 10, 2012
By Artemis--Sherwood GOLD, Hemet, California
Artemis--Sherwood GOLD, Hemet, California
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The movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is the final installment in the Harry Potter movie series. However, despite it’s amazing special effects and superb music, the movie does not live up to the expectations of the book-lovers. In fact, many fans who have read the book before watching the movie have often spoken about how great a disappointment it was.

One of the greatest letdowns for fans of the book is the final scene of the movie, when Harry and his friends send their own children off to Hogwarts to begin their wizarding education. For many bookworms, the characters appeared much older than they had originally imagined. The movie version also left out a large amount of dialogue between harry, Ron, Hermione, and their children, leaving only a minute or so of serious discussion between Harry and his son, Albus Severus. A minor character, Teddy Lupin, is also missing from this scene, leaving many fans of the child saddened and disappointed.

Another common frustration for book-lovers is the final showdown between Voldemort and Harry. At least half of the scene takes place in various parts of the wizarding school, which never occurs in the book, and another piece of dialogue between Harry and his nemesis is cut out. Many fans, including myself, were anticipating the mini-speech about love and kindness that Harry gave Voldemort, but the said dialogue never even appears. It is, instead, replaced by a few confusing minutes of Harry and the Dark Lord literally flying around the towers of Hogwarts.

Although the movie itself was very exciting and action-packed, it is still upsetting for all fans of the book. Many scenes of dialogue were completely changed or removed, and one or two characters were MIA. By itself, the movie is impressive but it will always be the final disappointment in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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