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War Horse

January 21, 2012
By aem312 BRONZE, Richmond, Massachusetts
aem312 BRONZE, Richmond, Massachusetts
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I went to see this movie last week and while it didn't sound appealing to me I actually enjoyed it. It's about a horse's journey through a war. Yes, the main character is the horse. No, the horse does not talk. If you're into war then it's a movie for you. If you're not- which I am not- you still might enjoy it. There is more of a concrete story line then just the horse going through the war. The horse, who's name is Joey, gains and loses multiple owners throughout the movie. He is separated from his original owner- a boy who loves him very much. The boy's father originally bought Joey for way more money than the family could afford. The boy pushes the horse to work in order to show his father and many townspeople that Joey was worth all the money. Joey then ends up being sold to the army. He fights for England but after a battle is taken to the German side. He then takes a hiatus from the war and goes through a few more owners. Along the way he becomes friends with another horse and they stick together through this hiatus. Joey and his friend are found and return to the war hauling artillery for the Germans. Joey survives through the four years of world war one- 1914 to 1918. There is a happy ending for Joey. Overall this movie was pretty good. However, there are lots of characters, the beginning is pretty slow and I had a lot of unanswered questions going through my head by the end. It was entertaining though and definitely interesting.

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