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April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

I have one question for the people who reviewed this movie and even said it was decent. Were you dropped on your head at childbirth? In my arguably short life time, I have seen some pretty bad quality movies. Ones from the 50’s with the girl screaming as this cheesy looking costume for a monster slowly creeps towards her, or even the ones with ridiculous situations like a town being infested and taken over by a plague of teenager zombies. All of these are terrible films, but they look as great as Psycho compared to this film strip packed with a story that is as boring as watching paint chips fall off the side of a decaying farm house.
The movie starts out at a party where the main character and her friend are hanging out. Well, the main character happens to meet this mysterious stranger from out of town and decides to offer him food and shelter at her place. So he stays there, and more and more they start to find out about each other. This would be considered the “Exposition” of the story. Well, the “Exposition” takes about an hour and a half of the whole freaking movie until they finally mention the “Bug” that this whole movie is supposed to be about.
The guy pulls out this microscope and examination kit with the whole shebang, and he has this because, apparently, he was a scientist in the army or something. He uses this kit to examine his blood and sees this “irregularity” in his blood and makes it out to be this bug that came from an egg that the military supposedly planted in his bloodstream. They look at the girls blood to see if the bug got into her bloodstream. They see the same “irregularity” and start to think they both have it.
Now, when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was expecting the bug was gonna be some flesh eating bug that ate all of you from the inside out within a matter of hours. You know, something really bad and horrible, not some freaking “irregularity” in this guys blood which leads him to believe that there’s a colony starting to develop in his body! Then, these government guys come up to their door looking for the guy. Well, of course, he doesn’t want to go with them. Then, this guy goes into the apartment and “gets infected”, so they stab him and quarantine him in some corner. They then proceed to wrap the whole room in foil and hang a thousand bug zappers from the ceiling. Then, they decide to give up all hope, drench themselves and the room in gasoline, and incinerate themselves. Wow! Great ending.
I’ve been watching this whole movie expecting to see someone get eaten alive by some parasites, and all I get is a 2 hour long psychological thriller/conspiracy theory ending up with them all burning themselves up. Yeah. I LOVED this movie.

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