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I Am Legend

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

One word, “Wow!” This movie ranks up with the best I have ever seen. It begins with a man named Robert Neville who is the last living man on Earth, but he uses the now ghost town New York City’ radio station to broadcast on the radio his whereabouts so maybe any human still living will hear the message and come to him. The reason why he is the last man on Earth is because a disease infected human beings to be like zombies. If they bite you, you can be infected with the disease. Anyway, Robert is trying to find a cure for these diseased humans. Everyday he catches a “zombie” and injects a possible cure for them. So just maybe he can return the population to reasonable sizes. One night, while he is trying to catch a “zombie,” he gets attacked by a mob of them in his car. But during the attack, he notices someone rescuing him who had heard the broadcast over his recorded radio broadcast. Later, they worked together to try and find a cure. Can they find the right cure to save mankind? Watch this movie to find out.

I thought the acting in the movie was phenomenal considering mainly one guy starred the whole movie. That one guy was the famous Will Smith. I think the way he acted made the movie so great. The film also had a lot of action and drama to make it perfect. Lastly, I thought this movie had a great ending, so don’t miss it! So, I would totally recommend this movie to anyone!

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