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The Simpsons Movie

April 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The Simpsons Movie was in the theaters on July 27, 2007, based on the TV show the Simpsons. This is an animated cartoon movie that is rated PG-13. They made an animated movie with the same characters as the TV show, which has been on Fox for 18 seasons. The movie was directed by David Silverman. There were many different people who did the voicing in this movie. They were Julie Kavner as Marge, Nancy Cartwright as Bart/Maggie/Ralph/Nelson and Todd Flanders, Yeardley Smith as Lisa, Pamela Hayden as Milhouse Van Houten/Jimbo Jones/Rod Flanders, Tom Hanks as himself, the band Green Day, Dan Castellaneta as Homer.

This movie was about Homer Simpson dumping pig-poo into the lake. This causes the town to go after the Simpson family. The family is then forced to leave town and go to Alaska. Meanwhile back in Springfield the government has put a dome over the town and are going to destroy Springfield.

The central idea of this movie is that Bart really wants a real dad who cares about him. This movie was produced for comedy that still has meaning to it. In the beginning you really can’t tell how Bart feels about his life. He just goes on acting like he is okay with having the father he has. As the movie goes on, you see that Bart really does care about having a dad. He wants a father more like Ned Flanders. He doesn’t want a screwball of a father anymore. He wants one who treats him the way Ned Flanders does.

All in all this was not the most exciting or adventurous movie of the summer, but it was a movie with a good story line to it. This was a movie based off of the cartoon show that everyone has heard of. That may be the reason that this movie made FOX $183,132,370. It was amazing that this movie made this much because of the fact that it is based off of a cartoon.

In the beginning the movie started out to look like it was going to be exciting and interesting. However, not even half way through the movie I was already losing interest in this cartoon movie. This goes to prove that a cartoon TV show shouldn’t be made into a movie. It is just too long of a time period to keep the viewers interested.

However there are many humorous parts in this movie. Throughout the movie it is making fun of our government. It also puts people in charge that should not be in charge. It also puts humor into the state of Alaska because nobody lives here and people receive money to live here. They go a little over the edge by putting a glass dome and security around the town of Springfield.

So all in all this movie has a good storyline to it. Howeve, it only kept me interested for about the first 20 minutes or so. I would give this move 3 out of 5 stars. I feel that they should just keep TV cartoons on TV and not made into movies.

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