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Iron Man

May 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Billionaire Engineer Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has been called the "Da Vinci of our time." He's been also called "The Merchant of Death." Stark is the debonaire and brilliant head of Stark Industries, the leading weapons manufactuer. While touring in Iraq, promoting his new Jericho Missle, his convoy is attacked. Tony freaks out and leaves the car, only to wind up being nearly blown up and knocked out. He awakens in a cave, surrounded by terroists, and an electromagnet built into his chest to help keep metallic shrapnel from reaching his heart. The head terrorist orders Tony and another scientist to rebuild the Jericho. However, Tony builds something that would help his escape and ultimatly save the world.

Once back in the states, Stark calls a press conference to announce that Stark Ind. will halt production on weapons, upsetting his partner and seemingly good friend Obadiah Stane(Jeff Bridges). Back at his mansion, Stark begins the design of a new suit, much more sleeker, much more powerful than the one he used in Iraq. This new, save-the-world Tony confuses his old friend James Rhodes (Terrence Howard) and personal assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Possibly the best part in the movie is when he takes the new suit for its first test drive. Meanwhile, it seems the board of directors, along with Obadiah, are trying to put out Tony, claiming his halt of weapons was due to stress. Tony wonders,"Why would Obidiah do that?" The answer is a terrifying one.

I work at a movie theater, so I was already planning on seeing this movie. With each new trailer and production still, my expectations grew and grew. So it was pretty excellent to see they weren't diminished, unlike Spider-Man 3. The movie has the right ammount of humor and action. The flying scenes were really well done, as was the CGI for all the suits. Even better, all the suits had something up their forearm plate. Robert Downey Jr is terrific as Tony Stark. He's a gambler,drinker, and sexist. But he's also very suave and funny. His interpretation of Stark is really well-done, mixed with the right ammount of humor and seriousness. Jeff Bridges does very well as the villianous Obadiah. At the movie progresses, you can feel that "Obi" may not have Tony's best intentions in mind. The utteringly stunning Gwyneth Paltrow does great as P.A. Pepper, who can't decide if Tony's her boss or something more. Terrence Howard makes an alright Jim Rhodes. He's Tony's best friend and confidant. Also, Stan Lee returns in a cameo role, albeit a very small one, but it will have you rolling with laughter

All in all, this is how a good summer should start. Whether its your first or thrity-first time seeing it, it will still have you on the edge of your seats in anxiety and laughs. Be sure to stick around after the credits for a pleasing surprise.

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