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Prince Caspian

May 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Yes, Prince Caspian (played by Ben Barons) is eye-candy and of course everyone loves C.S. Lewis tail of unconditional faith, but that does not give the director, Andrew Adamson permission to be incredibly generous with his overdramatic pauses.

Every scene before going into transition had the dramatic pause effect from one character or the other. I would like to clear it out, that a dramatic pause's purpose is to emphasize a climactic moment. Adamson, however, seems to believe that all of the scenes need dramatic emphasis, consequentially, the movie is over two hours long.

I will tip my hat however, to the intelligent transitions which follow each pause that quite a few directors have yet to master (Mike Newel-that would be you). Not to mention the heart-warming anti-Hollywood ending. I understand that props must be given to Lewis himself for this, but director's choice to follow though was rather nice.

But most importantly the reason I believe the movie will survive all its criticisms is because it has wonderful scenery. The location truly did a lot for the film. In addition the transitions are welcomely eye-popping. So welcomely, that I might even have the nerve to compare Narnia's nature to that of the Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings.

This movie is for those that need to know that faith is their reason to live and all those photography enthusiasts out there. So if you're not one, you're the other, and it'll be worth your time.

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