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All the President's Men

April 6, 2013
By WaffleOcean2934 PLATINUM, Rogers, Minnesota
WaffleOcean2934 PLATINUM, Rogers, Minnesota
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Is the Watergate's scandal too boring to learn about? Then how about a movie that shows two journalists risking everything to uncover the truth? From it's suspenseful showing of journalism, All the President's Men is a true story that makes history and 70's politics exciting.

After Watergate, only a few years had passed before this 1976 movie was directed by Alan J. Pakwa. It was based on the book of the same name by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford portray. William Goldman wrote the screenplay which won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. It also scored three more. Including, Best Supporting Actor for Jason Roberds, Art Direction, and Sound.

The film's strongest attribute is the story. It follows Woodward and Bernstein-journalists for The Washington Post. Their journey begins with an assignment to investigate why burglars were in the Democratic National Committee. It then leads into a bigger, and more controversial story. The two face high stakes from people to losing their jobs. The suspense also immerses you into the intense world of journalism.

Though the acting wasn't outstanding, I loved seeing Redford on screen. His subtle acting produced a strong camera presence. Hoffman's acting was okay. It was sometimes hard to hear his lines, but his cool 70's hair made up for it.

Because of its accuracy, All the President's Men is a great film to watch for learning. It's inspiring for future journalists and anyone that works hard to get something right.

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