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By Anonymous

     “Never Been Kissed” is a comedy about a young woman who gets a second chance at high school. Drew Barrymore does a hilarious job playing the lead role of Josie “Grossie” Geller.

Josie works at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper and is assigned to go undercover as a high-school student to write about all the unknown scandals. At first she is a nerd and cannot get the job done; Barrymore does a stellar job acting like a total clown. Happily, her bad-luck geek streak ends with love.

Without Barrymore, the movie would not have the spark that pulls in viewers to watch it time after time. Her outfits really contribute to the movie. Her constant struggles to fit in make this movie an even better comedy. Her hair and make-up are also right on target to provide comedic effect.

This is a movie you will never get tired of watching.

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i love this so much!