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By Anonymous

   I was reluctant to see "Catch Me If You Can," starring Leonardo DiCaprioand Tom Hanks, but my hesitation washed away with the opening credits.Immediately, the music and cartoon-like visuals play out the plot, and myinterest grew. Knowing the movie is based on a true story turns the story linefrom bordering on silly to an entertaining version of an actual person'slife.

DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale, a 16-year-old who lives all over thecountry forging checks and making millions of dollars through deception. In theprocess, he poses as an airline pilot, an assistant district attorney anda surgeon.

The film, of course, would not be complete without his nemesis,FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). Hanratty is unwilling to switch to anothercase until he catches this skilled fraud.

Through all the escapades andironic ending, the movie is very entertaining. The audience is also told of thereal Frank Abagnale's whereabouts and current situation.

All in all,"Catch Me If You Can" is a fun, interesting movie that will leave yousatisfied.

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