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   There's something about "TheLord of the Rings" that even when people seem so busy can draw huge crowdsand keep them riveted. Maybe it's the epic plot that originated in the brilliantmind of J. R. R. Tolkien more than 50 years ago and, over 12 years, grew into oneof the greatest works of literature of the last century. Or maybe it's thedazzling special effects. Whatever it is, it works.

"The Lord of theRings: The Two Towers" had huge potential to be bad, at least in comparisonto the novel. It can't be easy to take a book as great as The Lord of the Ringsand turn it into a good movie, but director Peter Jackson has done just that -and more. He made it a great movie.

The plot is complicated, and begins inthe first movie when a hobbit named Frodo Baggins acquires a ring of great power.If Sauron, the Dark Lord, who forged this ring and then lost it in battle, getsit back, he will rule the world. Frodo goes on a quest to destroy the ring."The Two Towers" is a continuation of this quest.

And quite anamazing continuation it is. The special effects are magnificent. Theunforgettable battle scenes feature very lively (and angry) hordes of trees andarmies of thousands of orcs. The actors do an excellent job portraying thecharacters. Even the computer-generated character, Gollum, is memorable. Thislittle creature, eerily similar to Norman Bates from "Psycho," seems tohave the most personality any computer-generated character everhas.

"The Two Towers" is the kind of movie everyone hopes forwhen they go to the theater. Peter Jackson managed to do what seemed almostimpossible - turning a great novel into a movie just asgood.

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