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   "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" is set inIndia and England. It begins with Yashovardhan Raichand and Nandini Raichand,parents of Rahul and Rohan. They love their sons and raise them with properdecorum and good manners. Yashhovardhan tries to teach his sons to protect and topass on their heritage, morals, values and beliefs.

Yash discovers thatone son, Rahul, loves a plain young woman named Anjali. In India, marriages arearranged, and because Anjali lives in poverty, Yash refuses to let him marry her.After a lot of fighting, Rahul and Anjali leave.

Later, Rohan promiseshis mother to reunite the family. He travels to England where Anjali and Rahulare living. As the events unfold, Yash and Nandini travel to England and findtheir family. Yash is outraged that his son married the woman he did not like.The parents return to India and tensions continue to grow.

This is anamazing movie! As Karan Johar, the director, said, "It is all about lovingyour parents!" The movie tells such a sweet story. I recommend it to thosewho love and respect their parents. I think Johar has done a great job coming upwith creative ideas. Go see this hilarious, interesting film today!

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i love this so much!