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By Anonymous

   If you've ever seen Adam Sandler'smovies, you know they are usually a barrel of laughs. In "TheWedding Singer," Sandler plays Robbie Hart, a wedding singer whosings classic '80s hits with a punk-rock band.

When it's his turnto get married, he's left at the altar because his fiancee doesn't wantto marry a wedding singer and be stuck in their not-so-interestinghometown. It's easy to see why Robbie wouldn't want to have anything todo with weddings after this, but a new waitress (Drew Barrymore)convinces him to help her plan her own wedding. Soon they're falling foreach other.

This romantic comedy makes me smile and laugh everytime. Sandler gives an unusual, yet acceptable, performance. You want tosee something good finally happen to his character.

Barrymore,surprisingly, plays an innocent, sweet young lady, which isn't exactlyher style. If this is what we'll be seeing from Barrymore in the future,she should be around for a long time.

The film is set in 1985,but it seems timeless. Perhaps they used this time frame to lure peopleto the theater. I'll admit it got me. The music (though a bit strange insome cases) and clothing of this era are appealing not only to thatgeneration, but to teens today.

There's nothing extremelyspectacular about "The Wedding Singer," but it's a good way tospend three dollars.

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