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By Anonymous

   This is a fantastic movie with an unbelievably great cast of famousactors. Edward Norton plays Derek, the older brother of Danny (EdwardFurlong from "Terminator"). Avery Brooks (from "StarTrek DS9") plays Mr. Sweeney, a black teacher trying to stopracist gangs.

People often say hate is a strong word. This movie shows you exactlyhow strong it is and how people need to step into others' shoes. Themovie is based on the rivalry between a white gang and a black gang.The white gang is a group of skinheads who believe in whitesupremacy.

Danny narrates the movie through flashbacks in black and white. Thereare some graphically disturbing parts. This movie is amazing. I can'ttell you the whole plot, but it's emotional and unique. Most moviesare based on some old plot that has no meaning. This movie isdifferent - it has a meaning behind it and is great.


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i love this so much!