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By Anonymous

   Legends of the Fall is the new movie starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Julia Ormond, and Aidan Quinn. It is the tale of a family torn apart by the Second World War, death, jealousy, and three brothers' love for a beautiful young woman. Even though the professional critics have ripped it to shreds, I loved it. Brad Pitt is very convincing as Tristen, a man whose wild spirit couldn't be tamed by tragedy. This movie shows that Brad Pitt has come a long way as an actor. He does, however, still have a few miles to go before I'd be willing to call him a truly superb actor. There were times when I wanted to cry for Tristen, but he never quite brought me to that point. Even so, it was still a great movie.

Here are five reasons for all you girls to go see it:

5. Brad Pitt.

4. Gorgeous scenery (a.k.a. Brad Pitt)

3. High level of action (Starring Brad Pitt)

2. Wonderful storyline (Almost good enough to take your mind off Brad Pitt.)

1. See number five.

Here are five reasons for guys not to take their girlfriends:

5. Brad Pitt.

4. Brad Pitt.

3. Brad Pitt.

2. Brad Pitt.

1. Brad Pitt. .

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