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July 25, 2014
By AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
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“I know you
I’ve walked with you
Once upon
a dream.”

These lines bring up a wave of childhood nostalgia—because who doesn’t remember the tale of Sleeping Beauty? An innocent baby princess is cursed by an evil sorceress, doomed to “fall into a sleep like death on her sixteenth birthday.” And she can only be awoken by the kiss of true love.

Sounds pretty perfect enough. But what if there was a story behind our glorious, black-draped villain? Could she have once had wings, a pure heart and pure values?

Newcomer Robert Stromberg delivers just that. Headed by a surprising cast of Imelda Staunton (‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’), Sharlto Copely (‘Elysium’), Elle Fanning (‘We Bought A Zoo’), and Angelina Jolie (Hollywood royalty, people!) the timeless classic is honored and truly enhanced.

Jolie weaves a spellbinding masterpiece that is one of her most diverse and interesting performance yet. Her voice, the costume, and the ideal amount of movie magic CGI balance like never before; the storyline she maneuvers leaves none prisoner. It was breathtaking to see a new light to Maleficent and Aurora’s relationship.

But the most special part of this film is it wasn’t overwhelmed. Never did you feel beleaguered and clobbered down, an especial treat in arising movie technology. Watching Jolie soar across the screen in HD sound and dazzling dimensions was astounding, but it did not hamper the actors’ performances and the story it had to offer. There was never a moment you did not believe in Maleficent. And who can ask for more than that?

So get off that slouchy chair and march on to the theater! With romance for the gals, fantastical fights for the guys, and depth and resonating adventure for everybody, there will be room for all. Be ready to hear wicked’s story.

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on Aug. 19 2015 at 1:49 pm
I love the movie, too! I wrote a fic about that. Will you check it out once it's approved? A fifth chapter was recently posted. Here's the name of the fic that I wrote: "Kingdoms and Children." Tell me what you think, okay?