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Joe Dirt

October 29, 2014
By whiteoakdoors264 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
whiteoakdoors264 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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It’s becoming rare to find enticing movies that are teeming with some commonplace comedy, and they have always seemed to be the movies that catch our attention the most. We refer to them as “feel-good” comedies, that make us laugh without hesitation yet make you feel closer to your family and the ones you love. One movie that will always be on the prominent tower of comedies would have to be the movie Joe Dirt, written and starred by stand-up comedian David Spade. You may have heard of David Spade from his wacky roles in blockbusters The Benchwarmers, Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, and the movie that flourished his name in the world of stardom, Tommy Boy. Produced by Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison, this movie was really underappreciated at its time, but it was easy to see corny humor derived from this 2001 comedy. The movie also starred Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, and the musician Kid Rock too.

Following through Spade’s role, it begins as a “white-trash” janitor working at a radio station in L.A. who seems to be out of the modern style. His retro complexion seems to be embarrassing to the human eye, wearing 80s band t-shirts and bleached jeans with his blinding mullet. The movie starts off with him driving up to the radio station with his pulverized car, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, immediately being provoked by the gate guard because of his mundane, yet chuckling name. He soon learns that his pathetic state catches swift attention to the DJ of the radio station (Dennis Miller), who falls into curiosity about his origins. After being invited to stumble into the room, Joe Dirt tells his story on live radio about his life-long search for his parents who he lost during a family trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. He recounts the chronological tale that comprised of his optimism for his long search for his family, incorporating his feel-good respect to himself gaining unusual friends from the adventure. His story consisted of moments of melancholy and humility, but he soon learns the lesson of home being where your heart “truly” is.

Overall, the film succeeds with the title of comedy, having gross-out moments of hilarity yet moments that make you face-palm. Since the movie is the adventure of Joe Dirt’s life, the scenery was fast-changing and kept you on your seat with attention and emotion. There would be one scene with him falling off an air balloon that advertised a car dealership into a pile of wood planks in the desert, to his amusing failure at an oil job he found really quickly after his fall. Joe’s interactions with the people he encounters during his quest opens up more information you gain about him. His cacky jokes ease in attention to the viewers of this film. It’s a simple comedy about a dude who has a life full of bad luck and loneliness, and it brings you to have empathy for this guy. His white-trash complexion does not even reflect his personality, for he’s still a good person. In general, Spade has done a spot-on job with scripting the movie by having rememberable quotes like “Life’s a garden, dig it!” and “You can’t have no in your heart.” Before the film, I didn’t find David Spade to be that great of an actor and writer, but this film completely changed my mind. This is without a doubt one of my favorite comedies to ever be filmed. I find it to be different from your classic comedies, and the originality of the film is agreeably idiotic and pitiful for the main character’s life, but the details haven’t been done before. The appearance of the characters shows the spectrum of creativity David Spade and the producers truly have when they take their time on such a compiled film.

If you want a film that’ll amuse you at every moment, (even at the dramatic portions of the film) watch this movie. It is safe to say that Joe Dirt is one of the most idiotic movies I have ever seen, but the witless humor brings Spade’s character to life. His traits engulf your eyes onto the tv screen, and his quest carries your emotions to the tv screen. It’s a weird duo to work with in a movie, but it’s one of the most paramount from my experience. Laughing until I can’t physically breathe and having pity for a dude who wears Def Leppard t-shirts couldn’t be anymore relieving from an entertaining comedy.

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