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Alice Cooper

April 23, 2009
By Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
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A night of wild surprises...insane screaming...and total rock n roll madness...priceless, or in this case for most, it was. This summer's Alice cooper concert “Along came a spider” was a huge success. The radio station 98.3 “The Twins” gave away free tickets at many locations around Central Oregon. Most people were surprised to hear Alice was still touring and making music; “Alice Cooper? What? That old geezer's still alive?” That was the reaction most gave to the shock of the event. One of the most amazing attributes of Alice Cooper is the fact that the rising of his age only brings more fans and success. The fans age anywhere from 15 to 50 years old. Alice himself might not have had one of his best concerts as he had performed in the 70's when he was new and fresh but, he was also a lot younger and a lot more into the rock n roll madness. Over all it was still an amazing concert.

The stage contained wild shocking revelations full of eye-opening incitement which included Alice hanging himself, executing someone, and putting himself in a straight jacket while performing. None of the acts performed on stage were real obviously, but still as exhilarating. There were giant, wild confetti filled balloons flying and popping everywhere. Picks and necklaces were being thrown from every direction along with other miscellaneous objects. The concert lasted a quick 2 hours, disappointing some who were still ready to rock. Alice Coopers well known classics were the hits of the night; “Poisen,” “18,” “No more Mr. Nice guy,” “Welcome to my nightmare,” Feed my Frankenstein,” and the ever so popular “Schools out.”

Just like the rock n roll spirit that was contained in the 60's and 70's, was brought back to Deschutes County live and ready to revive everyones rock n roll pretensions to once again, remind each and every individual that rock n roll never dies. This concert was just a reminder of how strong the spirit really is in the rock n roll world. Just when you thought the hip hop world was taking over and rock was slowly falling behind like the tissues blown and used straight from the face of music bizz, this concert proved Dee Snider of “Twisted Sister's” old quote to be true “You cant stop rock n roll!!”

Also the quote “what doesn't kill us makes us stronger” takes a big role in the act of rock music these days. The world was torn apart when Guns N' Roses had broken up, or the tragedy of Kurt Cobain of the band “Nirvana,” and when one of the worlds most uniquely talented guitarist Jimi Hendrix past away. The same goes for Jim Morrison of “The Doors,” Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury of “Queen” and John Lennon of “The Beatles.” Its just reassuring to know that some bands such as “Blue Oyster Cult,” Heart,” “The Doobie Brothers,” and “Journey” are still touring the world alive and ready to bring the world unforgettable rock n roll vengeance, as they did many times before. Then there are bands such as “Led Zeppelin” and “Van Halen” who still do reunion tours here and there. Last but definitely not least, you've got your classic rock bands that still tour and make new music. Those rock n roll gifts from god “As I like to call them” are bands such as “Alice Cooper,” “Metallica” and “Ozzy Osbourne” are still alive and playing their best for the world, its nice to know that even when theres all this newer unfamiliar rock n roll coming out these days we still have some familiar faces to look back on the past, present and hopefully be with us forever.

So even though were dragged down by the deaths and break ups of those bands we use to know and love, were growing stronger from what we still have, and that is some of the best rock n roll bands to ever walk the earth.

Free is a word spoken with such enthusiasm but analyzed to be something worthless however; in this case the word meant just the opposite, because even though the concert was basically free there was just as much amazement and rock n roll excitement as there would've been anywhere else.

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on Jul. 13 2009 at 6:57 pm
ThereIsAlwaysHope GOLD, Belfast, Other
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god i love alice cooper. my fav song i defo poison. well written. (: