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Rehab Concert Review

April 23, 2009
By Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
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Rehab Concert Review

Drinking, smoking and getting wasted are definitely words you here during rehab songs and mostly what you think about when you here their name, however; the majority of the songs performed by this band are quite mellow with there smooth spunky sound and stunning lyrics. Most of what they write about is addiction, and the struggles they go through with drug and alcohol abuse. The rest is just random interesting material they rap and rock about. They're surely a struggling band constantly going in and out of rehab. They write about the battle for sobriety and the obstacles along the way that bring you down. They're southern rock mashed together with some hard rap and hip hop. Their first album is called Southern Discomfort and that came out in 2000. Their biggest album “Graffiti the World” came out in 2005. Thats when they really started to get noticed. They started a Graffiti the World tour around the world and Friday July 25th, Rehab performed at the Domino room in Bend. They rocked the house with people screaming and jumping all over with ecstatic rock n roll spirit.

The first song they played was called “bump,” a recognizable but least favorable one of mine. I personally think it's one of the least greatest songs they have, however; they performed it well. They played a few from the first album, “My Addiction,” “Drinken Problem”, “It Dont Matter,” and “More Like You,” and then some from the newest album, “This Town,” “Red Water,” “Graffiti the world,” “Chest Pain”, “We live,” “Lawn Chair High” and the ever so popular “Bartender Song.” Lawn Chair High and Bartender Song got the most screams and were definitely the most amazing performances of the night. Both are also ironically alike; both consist of drinking beer after beer in hopes that everything gets better in these hard times of addiction. I personally enjoyed Graffiti the world song the most. I think the live version is way more powerful and amazing than the recorded one. That performance undeniably swept me away. “Graffiti the World” and “This Town” were strongly performed with outstanding lyrics and vocals. Red Water is one of their softer rock songs. It talks about a struggle between someone and their battle of depression, leaving that person with happiness only resulting in their suicide.

It was a pretty safe night consisting of only one fight involving some older individuals that were intoxicated, but other than that everything went pretty well. “Heavy Mojo” played as the opening band for rehab. They're a new band from Atlanta Georgia trying to get big and famous. They were a hip hop group with two singers, and they certainly entertained the crowd with their crazy performance. They definitely knew how to get our attention and thats the way to get noticed in this new hip hop world. This whole concert was undoubtedly one of my favorite ones yet, and I highly recommend everyone to listen to them and get involved in their music.

The crowd was definitely swept away by the fantastic finale from rehab for the night. The final song was “Lets Go” originally performed by the band “Trick Daddy.” Everyone in the crowd was jumping and singing along to the ever so popular hip hip song. After that was an outstanding rock n roll guitar solo from the two guitarists. They say theres only 12 steps to recovery, and since rehab already has more that 12 hits, id say they're on their way to starting a new life full of sobriety and more hit albums for the future. You just have to remember that just as your moving forward It only takes one sip to set you back to where you started.
If you want to listen to something different then try a dose of rehab. Ive listened to them for about 2 years now and I still don't get sick of listening to any of their music. They are a mixture of everything good for music and they are with out a doubt unique in there own way and way different from anything you've heard. They have such a rare and uncommon sound its hard to say what other band's music they relate too. In my opinion, they have their own sound. They are their own genre.

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