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In Flames

March 14, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Im doing a review on a very famous death metal band called In Flames. There a very good band that is listened to by many people. Many people try to be like them but they cannot because the guitar and drum player are way to good. The things they do with there instruments are crazy. It takes years of practice to be able to do what they do and even then its hard. They are a very good band but they are a little violent. Most parents don't like them. Which is why its rather hard to listen to them if you have over protective parents. They do get you pumped up though so they are good a little. But in some people it causes them to be violent and to think very violent things. Also not for the weak hearted. And if you get scared easily you may have nightmares. Other than that there really good. They have a great guitarist drummer and singer. Some people say if the drummer and guitarist had started with some other types of music they could of been great. And I agree because they can move there hands and fingers to point were its just grossly hard and even people who have been playing for many years have a hard time playing there music.

There music is very unique. They use there distortions and synthesizers like no one else does its very strange but it sounds really good. I believe they started the melodic death metal genre. They are very different and many people listen to them. They are very rich since they've been around for so long and they gathered quite a fan base. It would be very hard to make them unpopular. Although they are very good they are only popular with a certain type of crowed. Only the people who wear chains and spikes and things like that listen to them normally there are some people who just like what they like and don't dress in any specific way. Others find them disgusting and others just cant stand them but I personally love them. And many other people do as well.

They are in many peoples opinions one of the best bands out there. They have such a large fan base that they can make a real difference if they chose to get political like they friends from system of down. But they are to entirely different bands and In Flames is not political. They are very good and influential none the less. That is also why no one would dare try to assassinate one of there members like some other people have tried to do with other band members like dime bag Darrel (may he rest in peace) because if they did they wouldn't have a chance to be arrested because the fans would tear them to pieces. They wouldn't live very long after doing something like that.

All in all In Flames is one of the best bands out there and this is a positive review. They kick butt...ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

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