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I Love Smosh

March 24, 2012
By TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
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Smosh is the one of the Youtube celebrities, who are Ian and Anthony. If you never heard of it, go search them on Youtube and laugh at their cracking jokes.
"Shut up!!!"A voice screamed at the beginning of the video. Then, you would see two funny dudes doing retarded things. I meant it in a good way. First thing which impressed me the most was "POKEMON IN REAL LIFE", it would be ridiculous if they were real, such as standing right in front of a person to talk to (Are they blind!) and fighting with every POKEMON you banged into accidentally. Furthermore, why can't I attack the POKEMON's owner? Well well, that's what I thought too when I was playing with my GameBoy.
Memes, hilarious at all times of the day. I hope I won't be the Forever Alone guy in the future. That's it. Mari, you are such a Meme girl.
Is Smosh famous? Yes!!! But did they just do videos to become famous? No! They did it in the beginning to have fun and showed it to their friends. So, that's how things start. Like I could not believe Rebecca Black could be so famous. Well, she did the music video in the beginning to show what cool things she had done in life. By the way, the songs by the Ark Factory is kind of queer, right? "Friday", "My Moment", "Person of Interest" had so many parodies. Ha ha... I hope Smosh can do some parodies of Rebecca Black's music video. Taking about the Ark Factory, I have got to say that Devin Fox's "Hooked on you" was simply a disaster. They lyrics did not make sense at all and the chorus was... boring. The Zelda Zap of Smosh's is a lot cooler. Right?
Anyway, back on track, I bet many ladies think that Ian and Anthony are HOT! I saw it in the comments. I am not surprised with them having girlfriends. As the ladies say, they are smoking hot.
The Smosh mail part is one of my favorite parts. There's underwear, silly pictures and molded food (bet they liked it... HA ha!). Seeing piles of stuff, they would say with frustration ,' Oh my god, so much to open.' Actually, they were very happy that the fans sent them those thoughtful gifts. I can tell from their faces.
Sometimes, they will go to some Youtube gatherings. I would like to meet them and get excited. I will rate 9 POKEMONs out of 10 POKEMONs for Smosh.
And if possible, I hope one day I will do a video with Smosh and do crazy things. It is going to be EPIC!!

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