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Mama Mia

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

When you hear the words Mama Mia, you're probably thinking, “Oh no…. not another Hairspray…” That's what I thought when my mom pulled out her new Mama Mia CD. I begged and pleaded her not to play it because, you know, nothing says “fun” like the 70's. But no matter how hard I tried, she stuck that stupid CD into the mouth of our DVD player.

The first song came on, a nice updated version of the song “Honey, Honey”. Of course, with my attitude, I thought it was the stupidest song in the world. Well, song after song, I suffered; going through the “Mama Mia” song and the all annoying “Dancing Queen”; until it got to number eight. Oh number eight, how I love the. The song “Gimme Gimme Gimme” is upbeat and very exciting. I had no idea that this CD had that kind of song on it! The words, the music, its all so exciting; but, good songs do have an end and when it ends, its back to the rest of the crappy CD.

My opinion of this CD is… it can be good. There are some songs where you have to change it and others where you have to listen to it. But that's just my opinion; maybe some people will love most of the songs on there instead of just one. If you have a parent or family member who loves the movie or loves the 70's, I strongly suggest that you get them this CD. You might have to suffer, but who knows, there might be a song you like.

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