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"Courage Is..." - The Strange Familiar

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“Courage is when you’re afraid…Courage is when you’re in pain”. The Strange Familiar, a group that was unknown and incapable of reaching many, now wrote a song that reaches the soul of the world. The group released “Courage Is…” in their album, “You Can’t Go Back”, earlier this year. Most of their music depicts lost and grief, but “Courage Is…” is a piece of music that cannot be titled with any sense of emotion because it involves each type of human feelings.
From troops in Iraq, to a single mom. A troubled child, a dying father. A jihad terrorist, the peace core. “Courage Is…” can relate to all. Many have a false understanding of courage. Courage, not a word that can be defined nor described, it can only be felt. Each being feels courage in a different way.
A jihad terrorist flying planes through a building, taking his/her own life for what he/she believes, this is courage. The peace core living under terrible conditions in foreign countries to help others, this is courage. A single mother raising her children struggling to support her family, this is courage. A dying father, afraid he will not live much longer, but continues fighting for his life, this is courage. A troubled child abused and tormented by classmates at school, but continues with effort to learn without collapsing, this is courage. This piece of music does not portray which feeling of courage is correct, because there is no correct form of courage.
“Courage Is…” describes fear, pain, love, lost, and sorrow, all feelings that are a part of every human life. Whether someone hides their feeling of sorrow through a thick layer of skin, or is overwhelmed with grief and pain publicly to the world, each can feel a sense of inspiration through this piece of music.
This is a piece of music that can be heard at all times, whether in a hospital waiting room or on a beautiful morning drive to work or school. The music touches every incident in a person’s life, whether fortunate or unfortunate. Through tough times, through joy. It not only inspires, but also gives a sense of accomplishment for being alive to all listeners. The music provides strength and encouragement through only a few words, “Courage is when you've lost your way, but you find your strength anyway”.
This is a piece of art that is understood by many, and should be heard by all. “Courage is…” enriches the soul with every lyric. It is not a song that can be easily ignored, but it can be easily remembered.

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