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Rebekah - Remember to Breathe MAG

By Anonymous

   Thisdebut album from Rebekah is truly a magnificent work. The CDhas a unique combination of techno, alternative and classical.Rebekah's music has been compared to Jewel's, but with happierthemes and more rhythm and instruments.

The themesinclude the usual - love, bad luck, being yourself - but arecomposed in different ways. For example, on the hit "SinSo Well," the electric guitar and drums take over thesong, while on "Be Your Own," the synthesizer andvocals fill the ears with mellow tunes.

Rebekah's musicand songs are perfect for anyone interested in a variety ofmusic. Rebekah does not sing the usual melodies that make youwallow in self-pity, but songs you can listen to in any mood.I recommend this CD if you enjoy guitars that don't blastyour ears and medium-toned songs sung by a wonderful voice.

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i love this so much!