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By Anonymous

   We stood in front of the gates yelling impatiently, waiting to enter the zone of excitement where it all happens C the stage. The only obstacle stopping hundreds of us were a few impatient security guards spraying us with water on this hot July day. It felt rather refreshing. When they finally decided to open the gates, two hours before the show, everyone ran for the stage like magnets.

Finally it was 7:30. The large white curtains flew across the stage, and they reopened with Montell Jordan standing in the shadows of his dancers. The crowd screamed with excitement. He played his new hits from "This Is How We Do It." Montell finished and left us pumped and excited for the next act.

After what seemed like forever, the whole crowd started screaming when we heard Manya Morris yelling, "TEST, TEST." Boyz II Men opened their show with a mix of their previous hits from their first CD "Coeyhigh-harmony," and played all the songs from their new CD, "II." My friends and I were less than 50 yards from the stage. The heat from the special effects made our faces sweat. Everything was loud and dusty, but it was great. The concert ended with a great finale, and the crowd finally toned down. The $35.00 I spent for my ticket and the three hours it took to get out of the parking lot were well worth it

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i love this so much!