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Mcfly: Radio Active

January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Pop Rock/ Punk

Released on
itunes: September, 21 2008

You may recall these British rockers from the 2006
movie 'Just my Luck', their 5th studio album Radio: Active
is the first under the band's new self created label
Super Records.

Formed in 2003, Danny Jones (22) Guitar/Lead vocals,
Dougie Poynter (21) bass guitar, Harry Judd(23) drums
and Tom Fletcher (23) Guitar/ Lead Vocals were the
youngest band in the U.K to get to #1 on the charts in 2004
beating The Beatles record.

With the sound of Radio:Active colliding with classic Mcfly and touching musical genres from pop to alternative, fans will savor
the melodies of Radio: Active.

Radio: Active reached #8 on the U.K Albums Chart
and the first single 'One for the Radio' reached #2 on
U.K charts.
The second single 'Lies' has reached to #4 on the U.K

Their singles, are as well released in a recyclable digipak form.
'Everybody Knows" a crazy fun song from start to finish
with a definite classic rock inspiration.

'Lies' if you haven't heard this one you probably need to.

'Corrupted' is the best Alternative Rock song on the entire
album in my opinion.

If you find yourself listening to;
Drake Bell, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne or The Spill Canvas
You will defiantly enjoy Radio: Active.

Review By: Amanda Paige

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