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Christina Aguilera

January 17, 2009
By Anonymous

From pop princess, to dirrty girl, to Free Xtina, to good girl gone bad, to singer veteran. I've liked and appreciated Christina Aguilera's music.

She began with a near winning appearance on Star Search but really began her career when she appeared on Disney's "Mousketeers" and sung "My Reflection" for the Disney movie, Mulan.

People realized Christina's superior voice and talent and she released "Genie in a Bottle" in mid 1999 as a part of her album, Christina Aguilera. The song peaked on number five on the Billboard Hot 100. And along with "What a Girl Wants" made the album a nice seller for the starting out star.

Yet virtually none of the songs on Christina Aguilera were from the actual artist. Christina then released an album that did express herself in 2002, called Stirpped.

The first single she released, "Dirrty", she recieved a pretty hard hit from the paparazzi for the single. But she "redeemed" herself when she released the second single, "Beautiful".

The soulful ballad expressed some of Christina's deepest feelings and tapped into some of the emotions of others in different plights. The third single released from Stripped, "Fighter" is a powerful song with an artistically creative video speaking of the abuse of her father also turned out to be another hit.

Then, four years later, Christina was back with her album Back to Basics. The album talked about her recent marriage and new man, as well as her determination to sing her music.

Most recently she has released an album of her greatest hits. Among these is a new song of hers, the purpose of this article, entitled "Keeps Getting Better". The song is just another long list of great songs.

Although some words mentioned in the song might be a bit inappropriate the overall message of the song is fun and cute. Christina has now left the fifties in Back to Basics and gone sixties. The new video features Christina rocking her new long blonde hair playing around with different versions of herself.

I'm just glad to say that she has been able to leave some of the drama of her past behind and gear into a new future. Good luck.

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