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The Flaming Lips

February 17, 2009
By katie24 SILVER, Lebanon, Indiana
katie24 SILVER, Lebanon, Indiana
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Yeah the Flaming Lips sound like a new hot band, but they originated from Oklahoma as weirdoes, though they had a major break through in the mid-90’s. With their deliciously freaky alternative rock that ended up making their status one of the best bands of this age. They’re an acidly delectable band with as much affinity for savory sweet melodies and eardrum blowing madness! They have those no-sense making songs and heart depth emotional poems with a crazy melody that rock you around the world twice! Those bizarre songs plunged them into true originals.

Some of their top songs exploded in the 90’s with Transmissions from the Satellite Heart on Heatseekers in 1994 and also on the Billboard 200 in 1995. Then joined by Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots in 2002 both on the Billboard 200 and the Top Internet Albums. Then of course, their latest hit, At War with the Mystics in 2006 on European Top 100 Albums, The Billboard 200, and Top Internet Albums.

These wonderfully wacky weirdoes are sure to launch off the new year of being one of the favorite bands with their powerfully popularized music and the most spectacular performances of all time. The Flaming Lips are oddly adored by millions of fans who believe they’ll be exploding all across America, so watch out, here come the Flaming Lips!

Katie Boyer

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