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total drama island

March 16, 2009
By Anonymous

The show total drama island is on cartoonetwork. There are 22 campers 1 host and 1 cook. They all go to a camp called camp wawanakwa. They are all competing for a boat load of cash. Even though there on teams and there competitors they find a way to find love. A goody two shoes named Courtney (voice by Emilio - Claire Barlow) falls in love with her opposite a bad boy from juvenile detention who's name is Duncan (voice by Drew Nelson) fall in love. There not the only campers who fall in love. Herald (voice by Brian Froud) falls in love with Leshawna (voice by Novie Edwards) and they share a kiss at the end of the episode.

This show is like a reality show they have challenges and at the end of the day or some times a couple of days they must vote if one camper. They have a camp fire and they pass out marshmallow which is the sign that they are safe. If they don't get a marshmallow then they have to walk the dock of shame and ride the boat of losers. You don't know where they go till one episode where they show you the island where the boat of losers takes the campers when voted off the camp. I actually thought that the boat of losers took the campers back to there home towns or to an airport so they could go home. The other island has a pool and lots of other cool stuff. This show is a mixture of a comedy a reality show and a cartoon.
So if you like cartoons that will make you laugh but can be realistic at the same time then you will like this show. I gave this show a 5 star rating because if i was in a bad mood this show would cheer me up.

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