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‘’That 70’s Show’’

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Would you honestly think that a sitcom set 30 years ago would be a huge hit?! ’That 70’s Show’ (FX, 5:00pm) has become a huge hit ever since it started. The show is about six friends hanging out in the basement of a house and getting into all sorts of odd problems. “That 70’s Show” is a hilarious sitcom because of the amazing acting, funny plots and the most interesting characters.
Those who have seen the show before would know that the acting makes it all the more funnier. One character, Kitty, has the most horrible and annoying voice. It really brings out her character, an annoying, nagging mother who won’t let her son grow up. She is able to play the part perfectly. Also, her facials, she is able to stretch her smile really wide and make her face easily do what ever expression she wants it to. Kitty is an amazing actress and plays the part extremely well.
“That 70’s Show” ‘s plot will send you into bursts of laughter every episode! On one episode Eric wants to be traveling-film-documenter. So he hits the road and travels by himself. Kitty (his mother) is heart broken and can’t stop worrying about him, her husband, Red couldn’t care less! As Eric travels he gets a flat tire, comes across an old friend of his and eventually runs out of money. His mother, father, friend, and girl friend all come to his rescue. Every episode is filled with odd ideas that are absolutely hilarious!
All the different characters make this show what it is! The writers of this sitcom must have had a ball coming up with all the characters. From annoying Kitty to couldn’t-care-less Red. From bossy Donna, to oddball Eric. This show really does have the most interesting, funny and odd characters in it. The writers were really doing their job as they worked out who was who and what was what.
“That 70’s Show” is defiantly worth watching because of the believable acting, humorous plots, and hilarious characters! It’s a must see! So, why not give it a chance?!

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