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Saved by the Bell

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Presenting time Bing, Bing, Bing, Saved by the Bell.” That’s the life of Zach Morris, barely gets by in school, and majors in scheming! As the focus of “Saved by the Bell”(every weekday at 7 am, on TBS) the setting mainly takes place in two spots, the high school, and the collage which takes place in L.A (except for the Vegas episode). “Saved by the Bell is worth watching because the plot will interest you, the characters play off each other, and the acting is very believable!

The plot will keep your interest because of Zach’s way of talking his way out of any situation. Like in the wedding in Las Vegas episode when Zach (Mark Paul Glossar), Slater (Mario Lopez), and Screech (Dustin Diamond) dressed up as go-go dancers to keep away from the bodyguards that are chasing them! The “Saved by the Bell” kids have had many entertaining moments like when Zach (Mark Paul Glossar), and Kelly (Tiffany Amber Thessian) were going to get married in Las Vegas, but on the way up there Zach, Slater, and Screech were speeding and got arrested and had to use the wedding money($1200) to get out of jail!

Its really weird that all of these friends have totally different personalities, but they get along great, like Zach the trickster,(can smooth talk his way out of any thing) Kelly the understanding one,(no matter what the crazy scene is she always comes around), Slater the jock(always has to prove how tough he is), and Screech the nerd(can make any situation hilarious).Also the audience can relate well to the show because the things that happen to the characters in “Saved by the Bell” normally happens in real life! That just goes to show that their chemistry is probably the same on and off set.

The acting is really believable because just like real friends the will get in an argument stay mad at each other for a while, and then eventually come back together because they both realized that they were wrong, and that shows that no obstacle is to far for you friends. The acting is fun to watch because in the Vegas episode is where all of the crazy run away adventures begin, like when Zach tries to regain the wedding money by getting a job as a male escort, and when Kelly finds out she tells him that she never wants to see him again so he scales the side on the building nearly killing himself to get to her to apologize and then we finally make up.

“Saved by the bell’s plot will have your eyes glued to the screen, the characters will have you on the floor rolling, and the actors can’t get any better! The network would be wise if they kept “Saved by the Bell” on the same channel, played at the same time. That way a lot more people and especially kids that wait for the bus in the mornings to watch.

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