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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

I sat down this past Thursday to watch The Office (NBC Thursdays 9/8c) and it sparked quite a few laughs. The Office, starring Steve Carell (Michael Scott) and many other underrated actors make this show such a hit every Thursday night. This show has all the intangibles including hysterical scenarios, great script writing, and comical character interactions.

The Office is in its 4th season on the air and it still is just as funny as it ever was. The Office is a corporation called Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company and it’s led by a man named Michael Scott. Scott can be immature at times and also can be the most mature person I’ve ever seen. He’s insensitive to others and doesn’t really care what they think. He allows people to joke around or goof off while they are working but always gets the job done. Michael has a team of workers that are the stereo-typical office workers. Every episode consists of something so funny and creative that I never want to change the channel during commercials so I don’t miss a beat of it.

One of the funniest scenarios of this episode is when Dwight Schrute (Michael’s right hand man) goes on about how his heroes are famous table tennis players that nobody but him have ever heard of. “All of my heroes are table tennis players; Zoran Primeroch, Yon Ovi Voldnar, Wan Tao, Yorge Roshcov, and of course Offrosh Helmi. I even have a life-sized poster of Hugo Hoya on my wall.” Dwight is so dorky, he’s funny. The Office also contains great character interactions like when Michael wants to feel like a boss so he makes Pam bring him sticky notes looking like he needs to make a call when really the notes just have silly drawings or sayings on them. The last great element this show contains is the great writing. It seems like whenever a funny moment is going to come up, the funniest words are said by the funniest person at the time. For example, when Dwight ranted on about his table tennis heroes as stated above, it was just perfect.

In conclusion, I recommend this show to all persons that like an immature, moronic (meant in a good way) comedy that has all the things that people can relate to in real life. But, all of the great elements like writing, character interactions, and scenes make this just suitable for just about anyone.

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