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Home Improvement

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Ready to see the sitcom that will make you die laughing? I’m talking about “Home Improvement” (Nick @ Nite, 9:00 pm) this show is the best there is. It's good because of the exceptional plot, funny characters, and phenomenal writing.
The plot is great. For example in one episode Tim and his family go to a Detroit football game. This is where the show takes place Detroit, MI. Their Tim is invited to see the control room to the stadium. Tim goes and acts like he knows how to use all the controls. While he is messing with the controls he knocks the lights out. This creates the hilarious scenario.
Tim messes up big time like he does in the other episodes. In every show Tim has the attitude of I can do everything, arrogant, handyman. When Tim messes something up he talks to his helpful neighbor. You can only see his eyes and that’s it. But he is the smartest person on the show. Next there is Al, Tim’s partner on their TV show Tool Time. Tim gives Al no credit even know Al is the true handyman. Last there is Tim’s wife, Jill, and their three sons. His family seems like a normal middle class family in America.
Finally the writing is awesome. The writing is probably the best ever made. Like the lines created for Tim and Jill they seem like a real couple having real talks or arguments. The talks are like your watching your mom and dad discuss something. The last thing they put in is Tim sound he makes when he likes something. It's a low sounding “uhh uuhh uhh.” For example when Tim sees the control room he makes that noise.
I recommend this show the because of the great characters, excellent plot, and hysterical writing. These are just a couple of reasons it’s so good. I mean a couple because I could go on about the great theme and acting. Finally if you need a laugh or something to cheer you up then watch “Home Improvement.” The greatest sitcom.

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