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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

You think running an office is easy? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not. The television sitcom The Office shows you exactly what I mean. The show focuses on Michael Scott and his misadventures as the manager of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin paper products. The show airs on NBC Thursdays from 9:00-9:30.The Office is by far the best sitcom on air because the characters are entertaining, the storylines are unpredictable, and the writing is completely original.

The characters make this show very entertaining. Each actor has mastered the ability to be ‘normal’ on camera. This inconspicuous style will grab your attention as the simple employees are thrown into corporate turmoil when manager Michael Scott (Steve Carrel) arrives. Michael is a sarcastic, naïve businessman obsessed with being the best. Carrel does an excellent job assuming the role of the dimwitted boss who can unintentionally interrupt a conversation or meeting at the most inopportune time.

The storylines of The Office will be the most unpredictable you have ever seen. In one episode Michael is called to defend his boss’s (also his girlfriend) unfair treatment by Dunder Mifflin. Michael tries to defend his beloved company’s integrity yet at the same time witnessing for the defense of his girlfriend. At the same time every one back at the office is playing ping pong on the conference room table.

The originality of the writing will make or break any television sitcom. The office’s talented writers have created the most original characters, storylines and dialogues currently on air. Quick, sly remarks are cunningly woven into the conversations. Outright humor doesn’t fall short either. Even at a judicial hearing, Michael can find a way to slip in a “That’s what she said,” and other one-liners.

An outstanding cast, unique storylines, and capricious writing makes the sitcom The Office a worthwhile investment thirty minutes. I can’t imagine how my life would be without my weekly dose of the office. What could yours be missing?

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