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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you ever feel alone in this world with nobody to help you? Well, the TV sitcom Friends has all of your solutions. The sitcom is based on six friends who live in apartments in New York City. When life gets them down they head to the Central Perk, where their problems seem to vanish with the sight of a simple coffee. The ten-season sitcom has re-runs on TBS at six PM, Monday through Friday. Friends is a weekday must because of the humorous plot, believable acting, and entertaining characters.
You can always count on the plot to be on the move. Whether Ross and Rachel are in an argument about their future or Monica is dating a man in his fifties, the show will grab your attention and hold it. Friends will never have a dull moment. In season two, Chandler doesn’t know what to do when Joey’s child-like ways get the best of him and he expresses his friendship to Chandler with a friendship bracelet. If Chandler isn’t getting into trouble with Joey, Ross is his partner in crime. The pair decides to “stand their ground” at the coffee shop when two men threaten them. But all is well in the end when the four actually become friends.
What makes good acting you ask? Good writing of course! Writing makes the show sound more natural, which will intern, makes good acting. The way Rachel found out that Ross has liked her was from their prom video. Without the unique use of foreshadowing, the scene would have sounded a little “off-the-cuff.” But with the help of the actors it all tied in together extremely well. When Phoebe wants to find her dad, the viewers are actually able to feel her loss of never having much of a family. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the situation before or you are experiencing it for the first time through the show, you will have sympathy for her.
There is never a dull moment on Friends and this is mainly thanks to the entertaining characters. There is just something about Chandler getting a new psycho roommate that you can’t get enough of. The new roomies name is Eddie and he replaces Joey when he gets a new “spread” a few blocks away. Later Chandler realizes that it is just not the same without his “bracelet buddy”. Now Chandler has to figure out a way to get rid of Eddie before he goes insane. Another example of the entertainment you will find on Friends, will be something like when Phoebe goes a little overboard and “trains” Monica and Rachel to release their inner goddess.
When you’re flipping through the channels on a lazy Tuesday night, turn to Friends because the believable acting completes the entertaining characters, which of course, helps make the best storylines. TBS should keep the re-running sitcom at the same time because many people have just gotten home and dinner isn’t just quite ready yet. It’s at the perfect time of day where you are exhausted from your long, tiring day but not too tired for friends.

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