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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you ever sit around wishing you could just have a good laugh? Well I have got something for you. Two and a Half Men(CBS Mondays at 7:30pm). This sitcom unfolds on Malibu Beach, California; where a single father lives with his playboy of an older brother. There is always a good laugh between the conflicts of Charlie and his many girlfriends, and Alan trying to raise a son around this, or Alan’s ex-wife controlling his life still. Two and a Half Men stands out from the rest due to its laugh-out-loud storyline, its realistically, hilarious acting, and its unforgettable characters.

The shows storyline consists of there always being a conflict between the brothers, Alan and Charlie, drastically different lifestyles. Whether it be Charlie always having some new girlfriend spend the night, and Alan trying to tell his son Jake that pre-marital sex is a bad thing, or Alan having to pay huge amounts of money to his ex-wife to keep her quiet. There is always a good laugh watching them try to solve there problems in the hardest possible way, and end up blowing it out of proportion. But due to its rich theme it shows no matter your age or problem men stick together through thick and thin and always end up helping each other out.

Then you have the shows phenomenal acting that makes the whole thing so real. They actually remind you of real brothers by referring to childhood memories. For example in one episode Charlie says that in fifth grade he tried to impress his friends by telling them that his little brother was his pet shaved monkey. They just seem like real guys that you can just click with. Like the way they make fun of how forgettable and naïve guys are. Sometimes you catch yourself laughing because it’s something you do.

All that aside though what really brings the show together are the unforgettable characters. You have three completely different points of view. You have Charlie the risk taker, and a playboy. Then you have Alan a nerdy, conservative single father who is always getting stepped on by his ex-wife. Then you have Jake the son who brings the whole show together because he is a typical back talking pre-teen who always ends up frustrating everyone and just making their problems worse. However different they all are they seem to fix each others problems with their own and its just feels like they should all be together.

Two and a Half Men stands out from the rest because of its gut busting scenes, fabulous acting, and remarkable characters. I strongly recommend that you make time in your day to just sit down and enjoy this awesomely, hilarious show. It would be wise also for the network to keep this show and keep it at the exact same time because this show will only continue to grow.

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