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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Picture your everyday life. Now picture it with humor in every conversation and event. Tune in to TBS at 5:00 and 5:30 pm every weekday and see what I’m talking about. Basically, 4 friends; Jerry Seinfeld plays himself, George Castansza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Bennis (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), are always congregated in either Jerry’s apartment, or the local New York City diner, Restaurant, to talk about their lives. The thing is, every thing that happens to them has some kind of humor to, either accidentally or on purpose. Seinfeld is the best show because it is consistently funny, characters are funny and believable, and everyday conversation is made humorous throughout the show.

The show is consistently funny because of the plot and storyline are unique. There are always numerous conflicts between the characters. In many episodes, Newman, the local postmaster, will randomly walk into Jerry's apartment. When he arrives, Jerry and him look at each other and make a face of dispute and then greet each other in a bitter matter. They hold a grudge against each other for no particular reason. In another episode, Jerry and Elaine want some soup so they go to the soup Nazi, and when they don’t order it correctly, he yells, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” After he yells that to them, they try to redeem themselves and he orders them to leave. These little interactions always make the show funnier.

The characters in the show are very believable. Jerry is a single comedian that takes life as it comes. Of course, he makes a joke out of everything. George tends to overreact about everything and raise his voice a little too much. In one episode a bust boy accidentally caught a napkin on fire. George told the manager and he got fired, so George overreacted and thought he had to make it up. He went to the guy’s apartment to apologize. Ironically, he brought Kramer with him, and on their way in, Kramer left the door open. The cat got out. The poor guy is jobless and he doesn’t have a cat, and Kramer asks for a glass of water. This shows you his complete randomness. Kramer is a single man who somehow knows everyone and has a bundle of money. He is unemployed as well. He is famous on the show for his wild entrances into Jerry’s apartment and his clumsiness and randomness. One time a door shut in front of him, and he was so clumsy it took him about a minute to get up because he kept slipping. Elaine is a woman who has a new boyfriend every week. Nothing ever satisfies her and she has to pick out the flaws in every man. These four characters keep me watching as much as possible.
The conversation in the show is so realistically funny. Every episode there is some mentioning of superman, which shows its randomness. In one episode George thought that salsa should be available as a table condiment. Jerry went on and on about the different ways to say salsa. “Salsa, selsa, salser, seltzer, you can say it any way you like. You know, it would be hard for a Mexican to order salsa is America. Everyone would think he was saying seltzer.” The best thing is, I could easily have this type of conversation in real life.

I strongly recommend this show for its comedy, the actors and their characters, and the connection to everyday life. Those three things have made this show a phenomenon. I will give you a warning, once you watch it, you can’t stop. Seinfeld truly is a sensation.

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