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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The longest going sitcom on TV, and still the funniest, Seinfeld. Showing on TBS, from 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The sitcom Seinfeld makes you “stand up” and cheer because the plot is believable, the characters are extremely funny, and the acting in unforgettable.

Is Seinfeld’s the best plot on TV? From the funny stand up comedy and the out of no where perfect entrances by Kramer. To the real life problems having to do with relationships, jobs, and loyalty to friends, you won’t be able to turn your head.

The characters make the show. Jerry and Allane have this weird relationship. There ex s but best friends helping each other with problems between other relationships. As if they were only just friends but they have moments were the get real close. What makes the characters so funny is that they are comfortable with each other, so it’s easy for them to make fun and criticizes everything about everything.

The facial expressions and they quick comebacks make the acting unforgettable. The last episode I watched had message to help your friends with temptations. When they found out about each others problems, they could not look at each other the same way. They even turn it into a game, to see whole could hold in there temptations the longest. What made it so funny was everyone thought Alanne would win because she was the only girl.

The believable plot, the extremely funny characters, and the unforgettable acting, will give you the best T watching experience of you life. I strongly recommend the station to continue this series. It never gets old; there are always new funny jokes, and its fun to watch characters grow over time.

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